The Souris Mini Second Hand platform offers 2 delivery methods to complete a transaction: pick up in person and delivery via Canada Post.

Regarding the delivery mode via Canada Post, everything is automated in the platform to improve the experience of all. It's very simple!



The fees are automatically calculated according to a pre-determined weight chart, by category of items and by age group. The amount is added to your cart, depending on the items added, for the same store / seller. Of course, as the shipping is done by the seller directly, you must place a different order for each seller.



Once you have made a sale with delivery via Canada Post, a shipping label is generated on the platform. You then have 5 business days to proceed with the shipment of the package to a post office or P.O. Box.

It is important to carefully pack your item to avoid any mishap. Items must be packed in a bag or envelope. No box is accepted for shipping except for very large packages (more than 10 kg).

Souris Mini provides you with shipping bags of different sizes via the network of stores and the online store.



Small package // 0 to 2 kg // $9.95

Medium package // 2 to 5 kg // $12.95

Large package // 5 kg and more // $15.95

The fees are calculated according to the weight of each item, according to its category, put in the cart for the same store / seller. We have taken care to weigh the items for each category of items for you and establish fair averages. You do not need to weigh anything yourself.

Please note that furniture must be sold in a pick up mode. It would be too bulky and fragile to ship via Canada Post.



Canada Post will leave the package at the nearest post office if no one is present at the time of delivery at the address provided at the time of order. In this case, a "Delivery Notice" card giving you the necessary information to retrieve your package will be left at the door. No signature is required at the time of delivery, but a valid photo ID is required to pick up your package at the post office.


Damaged or undelivered packages may be investigated by Canada Post. As this is a seller to buyer transaction, Groupe Souris Mini Inc. is not responsible for any problem with the delivery. The result of the Canada Post investigation will determine if the package can be refunded to the buyer.