Guide to successful pictures

Here are our best tips to make sure your items are well represented on the platform and sell quickly!


Tip 1

Each item corresponds to an ad. It is therefore important to take photos of each item individually.

Tip 2

Make sure your item is clean, uncreased and well laid out. A well-presented item always sells better!

Tip 3

Display your item flat, without hangers and on a neutral background to show it off. Avoid taking a picture of a garment on a child.

Tip 4

Prefer daylight for more authentic colors. Avoid flashes and filters. Nothing is better than simplicity!

Tip 5

From the front, from the back, from the inside, zoom in on details... nothing is to be overlooked. Make sure that the buyer can see your item well so that they want to buy it.

*The platform accepts 5 photos per item.